Electricity/Gas Brokers & Business Energy Management

Specialists in energy procurement for
electricity, gas and hot water.
Save money on utility costs.



Hot Water

Watt Utilities are specialists in energy procurement for electricity, gas and hot water.

Our proven model and technologies have saved business hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy efficiencies as well as portfolio negotiations. We seek the best solutions for our clients and stay in touch with all changes in legislation and delivery within the energy sector. Our team not only assist business in procurement and budget strategies but we also offer on-going service and education to ensure you are well informed on your energy needs.

Strata Energy Needs

Energy Procurement Specialists

We are the energy specialists for the Strata Industry.

We partner with strata management businesses to manage their energy portfolios by providing advice on procurement strategies for portfolio negotiations, energy efficiencies and managing electricity contracts. We provide audits to see where your energy efficiencies are right now.

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New Development Energy Needs

Urban Renewal

Leaving your energy contracts to be renewed when they are due may not be the most cost-efficient option for your business. You can negotiate your contracts before they have expired when markets are low.

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Ensuring that the correct set up and connections are in place from the beginning is critical. Watt Utilities explain the various options to you as the Developer, prior to the first soil being turned.

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