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Small / Medium

Enterprise (SME)

Our Goal Is To Ensure That You Obtain The Lowest Cost Utilities Contract

The energy retailers offer different contracts for the SME market, when compared to the C&I market. A SME customer is defined as one who uses less than 100 MWh of electricity per annum.


Watt Utilities has a dedicated SME Account Management Team and a separate, dedicated C&I Account Management team. We do this because the energy retailers have significantly different approaches, contracts and processes for SME customers, when compared to C&I customers.

History shows that approximately one in twenty energy bills contains some form of error and / or abnormality.

We offer one bill validation for the customer once the new contract is set up by the retailer. This is to ensure the retailer has charged the customer according to the contract rates.

If any error is identified, we correct it on the customer’s behalf.

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Watt’s Mine – Our Technology

A software platform that lets you access all your utility information in one secure location,

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