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We make it simple for our clients to understand the electricity and energy markets. Our team are able to clarify the advantages, legal requirements and energy-efficient strategies for your site. When choosing a new energy retailer, our team will guide you through the complexities of the Energy Market.

We provide you with access to professional, well-trained energy procurement experts.


Our Account Management team is in place to ensure that our customers are best positioned to take advantage of the changes occurring in the energy industry, at all times.


In addition, our account management team is there to assist our customers with any query, for example, managing communications with retailers, resolving billing issues, and much more!

Automated bill validation and correction.

History shows that approximately one in twenty energy bills contains some form of error and/or abnormality.


Our bill validation software automatically reads and analyses each bill and checks the data within the bill matches the current retail supply agreement.


We correct any error on the customer’s behalf if any error is identified.

Consultation for all businesses and body corporates.


Using the Watt’s Mine software, the data we have collected and the applicable rates from your current contract, we can provide full energy budget forecasting.

Online access to all your energy usage and energy contract details.

Following our some of the features available via our Customer Access Portal:

  • Download current and historical energy bills.

  • Billing Reconciliation for each site

  • Current contract details

  • Weighted average costs

  • Power Factor details and analysis

  • Usage data: Peak / off-peak / shoulder splits and demand

  • Load profile graphs using live meter data

  • Highest demands summary using meter data

  • Simulated bills for budgeting

  • Export Interval 30min data into CSV

  • ASX Live Market Trends & AEMO Live Spot Price Forecast

For Strata Organisations.


Utility contracts contain important data which needs to be tracked and proactively managed. Data such as contract end dates, price per kilowatt hour, shoulder rates, off-shoulder rates, historical energy usage and so on.


Watt’s Mine tracks, manages, and consolidates all of this data for you.

We resolve any energy-related contract dispute on your behalf.


From time to time, issues arise with energy billing and/or distribution. Watt Utilities provides technical knowledge and expertise to resolve these types of problems in a timely and professional manner.


We are happy to provide you with assistance or to resolve the matter on your behalf.

We are constantly analysing the energy market to find the most cost-effective solution at any given point in time.

There are three key components to obtaining the greatest energy cost-reduction outcome. 


The first component is to utilise energy in the most efficient manner.


The second component is to find the lowest-cost retailer.


The third component is to seek to renew your existing agreement at the most beneficial time to do so.

For SME & C&I Organisations.

For organisations with multiple buildings (10-3000 lots), we utilise a proven process for negotiating consolidated portfolios.


Using our Watt’s Mine software, we collect all the available usage data, we then analyse that data and take it to market under a block load scenario.


It has been our experience that this approach provides the most significant savings for this type of portfolio.

For Electricity / Gas / Hot Water / Renewables.

We have a three-part procurement strategy.

Discovery: In the discovery phase, we are seeking to understand what is important to you, what are your main business drivers, and where can we assist.

Research: In the research phase, we will ask you to provide a recent energy bill, we will then analyse the characteristics of that bill, and once that is done, we will commence the tender process.

Solution: In the solution phase, we will provide you with our recommendation for the most cost-effective solution, we will explain how we arrived at that recommendation and we will provide you with the alternative solutions that we have rejected.

Note: You are under no obligation at any time to do anything.

Speak to one of our account managers today and receive a no obligation, FREE advice regarding your next energy project.

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Our Mission Statement

We are leading energy experts, focused on contributing to a cleaner future, whilst delivering innovative,
cost effective, customer focused and ethical energy solutions.

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