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Watt Utilities is committed to achieving

Net Zero Carbon status.

Watt Utilities is aiming to attain the Australian Federal Government Climate Active Certification by 2022.

Watt Utilities Is Utilising A Five-Step Process In Order To Achieve Net Zero Carbon Emission Status

Measuring your energy and emissions data.

Sourcing the lowest cost carbon offsets for emissions which are beyond your organisations control.

Analysis as to where your organisation can implement cost-effective energy saving equipment, i.e., power factor correction equipment.

Sourcing the lowest cost renewable energy option(s)

Analysis of on-site renewable energy sources (i.e., on-site solar generation)

Climate Active Certification is awarded to businesses that have credibly achieved

Net Zero Carbon Emissions.

Certification is achievable for both buildings and for organisations

Step 1    Make Application

Step 2   Calculate Applicable Emissions

Step 3   Develop and Implement an Emissions Reduction Strategy

Step 4   Purchase Offsets (as required)

Step 5   Arrange Independent Validation

Step 6   Publish Carbon Neutral Business Status

What Does It Mean To Be Carbon Neutral

To become carbon neutral, organisations calculate the emissions generated by their activity (such as driving or flying or electricity use), then reduce these emissions as much as possible and finally compensate for the remaining unavoidable emissions by purchasing carbon offsets or carbon credits.

To Achieve Net Zero Carbon Emission Status, Watt Utilities Will Be Utilising Carbon Offsets and / or Carbon Credits

We have begun a project to achieve Climate Active Certification for both our building and for our organisation.

Connect with our Net Zero Delivery Manager to know more about our approach towards Net Zero Carbon Status

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We are leading energy experts, focused on contributing to a cleaner future, whilst delivering innovative,
cost effective, customer focused and ethical energy solutions.

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