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Watt's Mine

"WATT's Mine"

Our Software Technology

Our in-house written Customer Access Portal which utilises 16 years of energy procurement experience.

This portal provides full access to your bill validation information, usage, bills, budget forecasts, and a wide variety of reports.

As we have written this solution ourselves, we are able to continually and swiftly enhance its functionality based on industry changes and direct customer feedback.

Information and Data Security

We recognise that your information and data security is of paramount importance.

Accordingly we use the AWS (Amazon Web Services) platform to host the Watt’s Mine solution. The AWS platform provides the most secure cloud based solution available today.

Customer Access Portal Features

ASX Live Market trends & AEMO Live spot price forecast

Current contract details

Export interval data into CSV format

Load profile graphs using live meter data

Stimulated bills or budgeting

Billing Reconciliation for each site

Download current and historical energy bills

Highest demands summary using meter data

Power Factor details and analysis

Usage data: peak/ off-peak/ shoulder splits and demand

Weighted average costs

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