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Strata &

Body Corporates

Why Strata Management Companies

Choose WATT Utilities?

We make it simple for a body corporate and owners’ corporations to understand the electricity and energy markets. Our team are able to clarify the advantages, legal requirements and energy-efficient strategies for your site. When choosing a new energy retailer, our team will guide you through the complexities of the Energy Market.

Using utility usage data specific to your site, we scan the market to find the lowest utility contracts, available at any time. We take the time to walk you through the advantages and explain the disadvantages of each contract, helping you with your final decision on which agreement to accept. 


WATT Utilities is an independent billing company, and our advice is always in the best interest of our clients.


Our services include:

A report to determine viability (profitability) for a building wanting to consolidate and implement an Embedded Network. We review the costs of the metering changes, management of implementation and ongoing costs such as billing. We also cover the legal complexities and change process.

If entering into an Embedded Network, Watt Utilities can manage the transfer including; contract negotiations with the retailer, retailer compliance to network, liaising with networks and I&C officers, onsite managers and electricians, AER regulation and handing over to the billing companies or the strata businesses that provide billing services.

So that you can focus on your day to day building responsibilities. Our goal is to ensure that the BCM or Building Manager is seen as proactively and cost-effectively managing all relevant energy costs. We also ensure that you and / or your client is provided with on-going professional advice, as and when required.

(OnSupply) in ACT, QLD, NSW and VIC, including the legalities involved with Strata Title Schemes. As such, we consult to Body Corporates around the conversion to and the running of OnSupply schemes.

Our software solution (Watts Mine) links with all Energy Retailers to provide full billing and data transparency, as well as providing full tender reporting.

WATT Utilities manages an excess of 5000 Strata & Body Corporate energy portfolios. As such, we have a depth of understanding around Strata & Body Corporate requirements, that few other organisations can match. We do not provide onbilling however we can and do provide independent advice on the process and the legalities involved, for Strata companies and their customers.

We work independently and with individual Strata Account Managers or Building Managers to provide advise on how to maximise energy efficiency.

Our Mission Statement

We are leading energy experts, focused on contributing to a cleaner future, whilst delivering innovative,
cost effective, customer focused and ethical energy solutions.

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