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Ten Facts About Electricity in Australia

Did you know…….

  1. Every day, Australians use enough electricity to power eight million TVs or to charge over 110 billion mobile phones.
  2. Households and manufacturing are neck-and-neck for the title of busy energy-using sector in Australia.
  3. The poles and wires of Australia’s connected south-eastern system run to a total length of around 800,000 kilometres.
  4. Agriculture is the smallest energy-using sector in Australia, consuming only two percent of Australia’s total consumption.
  5. Two-thirds of our ‘energy resources’ are exported.
  6. Renewable energy accounts for just 5% of energy consumption.
  7. Solar hot water usage trebled in the last five years.
  8. The transport sector is the largest end-user of energy in Australia (and you, not the trucks and trains are the highest consumers).
  9. Over the past 30 years, electricity prices have risen by a factor of 5.
  10. Over 75% of our electricity generation comes from coal.

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